Teen Challenge

from by Great Grandpa



He says it’s cool and he doesn’t mind
I’ll wait for the fall-through.
He keeps in check with the throes of the times
but won’t want to see it through.
And it drips when it swells
out in a crowded room.
I only wanted it so bad.

I can’t breathe
Would you give me something
On the off beat?
Always killin’ it.
I can’t breathe
Would you give me something
To get on my feet?
Always killin’ it.

I said it’s cool and I do not mind
you’ll wait for my come–to.
I give away to the throes in your times
but won’t want to speak to you.
And I drip when I swell
out in my empty room.
I only wanted you so bad

Don’t you want to
pin our wings?
Static cling.
Carefree stale
a sweet boring.
But I can tell
you’re always gonna be a little bit…..


from Plastic Cough, released July 7, 2017
Melodies: Pat Goodwin // Lyrics: Alex Menne // Arrangement: Great Grandpa


tags: alternative


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